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Design system component creation


To establish an approach of component creation that significantly decreases time-to-release of new offerings and equips the team to improve this over time.

My role

  • Ensure alignment of key people to improve rate of success

  • Define, outline and sequence the work in this approach - with enough clarity to increase team confidence and trust

  • Facilitate and unblock work, create process artifacts, and author official documentation

Project outcomes

Pilot A Process

Define and pilot a new process by which the design system team can create new components

New component

Create a new Alert component for the design system

Capture insights

Document a list of insights to improve this pilot process over the course of multiple iterations

Key steps

1 / Define scope

Understand and align with the design system director to establish the scope of this initiative.

2 / Draft process

Work with the program manager and a few other folks on the design system team to draft a proposal process for a pilot.

3 / Get sign-off

Get sign-off for the new process workflow from the design system director and product owner.

4 / Pilot the process

Pilot the new process workflow with a small subset of the design system team. Introduce, facilitate, and guide the team as necessary.

5 / Assess and share

Capture retrospective insights from the pilot team on what was learned. Share out the entire set of work with the broader team.

Additional context

This work was completed over a one month timespan with approximately 50% of my allocation.

Project materials

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