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Digital experience vision


To help define an experience vision for the Digital organization within Optum.

My role

  • Facilitate and lead discussions toward alignment

  • Create workshop activities that would help define a digital organization roadmap

  • Create materials and solutions that concept a future experience vision

Project outcomes

Inform a
Digital Org

Collect information and insights that would drive roadmap items, and their priority, for the digital organization.

Create a


Create and host a series of workshops as the methodology for "how" to accomplish other outcomes.

Align key
across orgs

Increase awareness and alignment of key leaders across the company's organizations for buy-in of a digital experience vision.

Key steps

1 / Align partnerships

The initial segment of this project kicked off with a significant amount of time aligning key partnerships across the company. Effort was spent clarifying the purpose and outcomes of the project. Through many discussions and artifacts (Miro boards) along the way, the project evolved in scope.

2 / Inventory what exists

Somewhat in tandem with the first key step, I took time to inventory as many existing research and design materials as possible. This was critical to not only get up to speed with the breadth of the project, but respect the past work of countless other individuals and teams.

3 / Create a workshop

As part of the outcomes of this effort, a workshop was desired in order to help align different organizations across the company. I created a custom workshop with numerous activities to help with both collecting the information necessary to build an organizational roadmap.

4 / Formalize information

An information kit was assembled from all of the work effort that preceded this. This kit contains the culmination of many sources of information and insights, and also includes concept solutions ideas to help generate even more alignment discussions among leadership.

Additional context

This project was ongoing over the course of 8 months. It accounted from 50-80% of my allocation day-to-day across this time. The project also heavily evolved in its purpose: initially it started more service-oriented (broader), but switching later to a much narrower product-leaning focus. This was a challenging project that reminded me to persist with clarifying the goals and outcomes of a project.

Project materials

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