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Employee onboarding experience


To improve the experience of onboarding for new hires and hiring managers, as these experiences are highly dependent upon each other.

My role

  • Inventory and audit the current state of onboarding

  • Pilot a behavior design approach to resolving gaps in onboarding as a service

  • Work with researchers to conduct research studies and analyze for insights

  • Co-create and help facilitate workshop sessions for hiring managers

  • Create lo-fidelity concept solutions (content and wireframes)

Project outcomes

New Hire

Improve the experience of new hires as they onboard to the company within the window of 2 weeks prior to day 1, and 1 month after day 1.

Hiring manager

Improve the experience of hiring managers while onboarding a new hire by focusing on enablement of key behaviors.

an Impactful

Implement a solution that is impactful, desired, feasible, and viable for the company within the project's timeline.

Key steps

1 / Map the current state

The initial part of this project was to capture the current state of onboarding. It is highly complex, relying on many different teams and platforms. Not all partners were able to 'see' all the moving pieces.

I spent time interviewing individuals around  the company and creating a service blueprint to expose the entire process that a key partnership team could align around. This helped us to define a crisp goal and scope for the effort.

2 / Research and workshops

Proceeding a 'good enough' definition of the current state, the team moved into refining understanding and scope of the effort's priority. I provided guidance and peer-level feedback to research teammates who were putting together surveys. At the same time, we created workshops with hiring managers as participants, so we could build an understanding about what a desirable, future-state journey might look like, and what solutions might help.

To follow the hiring manager workshops, we had a workshop with key partners to evaluate the impact and feasibility of what we focus on for solutions.

3 / Create concept solutions

In taking a behavior-based design approach, top behaviors were identified for the creation of concept solutions. I was responsible for a subset of solutions, while teammates others. Working together, wen ensured that all solutions had cohesion across the new hire and hiring manager journeys.

Additional context

The primary partnership group for this project was the Human Capital team. I was involved with this effort for approximately 6 months. I was largely part of the initial steps so that the partner team and researchers would have a solid and aligned foundation as they continued this work beyond this time period.

Project materials

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