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Human capital modernization


Improve the experience and infrastructure of core Human Capital processes.

My role

  • Help with conducting research

  • Lead qualitative research synthesis

  • Lead content creation from research insights

  • Facilitate working sessions and team planning

  • Socialize the teams progress and the output of work

Project outcomes


Increase the level of empathy for employee archetypes.


Improve the amount of alignment between key partners within the broader program team.


Create key artifacts, such as personas, to help establish a foundation of empathy and alignment for core employee archetypes.

Key steps

1 / Conduct research

The foundation of the project was a set of 40 one-on-one interviews with participants. I came into the project midway, and so I began helping with the research in the form of note taking and leading analysis methodology. This enabled the team to facet the insights by different dimensions, and create sets of content that fed into design artifacts.

2 / Create artifacts

At the core of the request for this project was a desire for personas. A persona template was chosen, and the research analysis led directly to a content structure for a persona deck. I created content, like the section of "a day in the life", by structuring information based on core goals, pain points, perspectives, and contexts. This led to artifacts not only grounded in evidence, but cohesive across all 5 different personas.

In addition, a "design plans" deck was created to convey more insights from the research. I led the team to create this content, which included story maps, pain points, and guidelines to define 6 core human capital processes.

3 / Share information

Once the artifacts were complete, I spent time socializing and presenting these with various teams - both part of and outside of the larger program. Since the program was so large, I also created a couple of instructional videos that communicated the core purpose and structure of both the personas and the design plans.

Additional context

This project was a subset of work within a large program of modernizing the experiences and infrastructure of the Human Capital organization. I joined this project and program midway, and remained until the closure of the design teams work. This was approximately 6 months of mostly dedicated allocation.

Project materials

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